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Army Color Blindness Test

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A lot of people dream of joining the military. We work hard to achieve this dream, but sometimes hard work is not enough. 


The Army selects the best and the finest individuals, so to be selected, it is necessary to meet all the requirements of the army, whether they are physical, psychological, or mental. Knock knees, flat feet, and color blindness are some of the reasons you may get rejected for medicals.


Most of the time people are not aware of their color blindness, as they believe all people see the same colors as they are seeing but it is always good to test for colorblindness if you are preparing for Army or the Railways. You can take army color blind test here.


In this article, we will discuss Color Blindness and how it can affect your Candidature.



Color Blindness


Blindness is simply an inability to distinguish colors and recognize them. Generally, color blindness makes it difficult to distinguish between red and green. There is another type that makes it difficult to distinguish between blue and yellow. 


People who are completely color blind don’t see color at all, but that’s not very common. Color Blind people are unable to see the colors the way other people do, Most of the time the Disease of color blindness is hereditary hence there is barely any permanent cure for this, color Blindness is more prevalent in males than females.



Ishihara Test For Color Blindness


Ishihara is the most common test used to determine color blindness, it consists of a series of pictures of a colored spot in which a symbol or number of slightly different colors is embedded, anyone with a normal eye would be able to tell the correct number or symbol while for color blinds it would not be possible and hence one will know if he is suffering for Color Blindness or not.


We are providing you with some diagrams with the correct answer, you may take a mini-test of yourself.



Are You Eligible For Army If You Are Color Blind?


Color Blindness can be a cause of rejection in medicals, so it is always beneficial to get checked by an ophthalmologist.


In the army they check for the perception of colors according to which there are 3 categories, CP 1, CP 2, AND CP 3, You are eligible only for the army if you belong to the CP-3 category, army and navy if CP-2 and all three if CP-1. You won’t be eligible for aviation in any of the three wings.


However, we advise you to go through the detailed Notification to be sure.



How Army Checks Color Blindness


In army medicals you are provided a book, The Book consists of numbers and alphabets printed in different colors. The candidate needs to read the numbers and alphabet in front of the officers and the ophthalmologist, it is a simple test and you will know the results in a very short period.



How To Pass The Color Blindness Test In Army?


You will find people on the internet asking you to purchase a booklet for colorblindness which is the same as used in Army medicals, they advise you to learn it for clearing the medicals but we strongly advise you To Avoid Any Kind Of Cheating. 


There is a reason for taking the test, your colorblindness can affect you and your peers Adversely if somehow you manage to pass as there will be times you will need to convey or read Signs, etc., and most importantly joining the army requires a person of values, ethics, and Honesty, if you even think of passing any test by cheating then it is a big question mark in your Character and Aptitude.


There is no need to get disappointed if you get disqualified due to colorblindness or other physical or medical attributes because there are a plethora of ways you can provide service to your nation. what matters the most is your Dignity and virtue.



Also, Do You Know What Jobs Can You Do In The Army If You Are Colorblind?


Army jobs where the partially color blind can work include Financial Management Technician, Paralegal Specialist, and Human Resources Information Systems Management. The Army regularly revises its MOS requirements, but an Army recruiter will always know the latest MOS changes.


Generally Can colorblind get drafted? Not every job in the U.S. Army is available for colorblind soldiers. However, there are many options for soldiers with this condition to have rewarding careers. During Army MEPS, potential enlistees may undergo two tests for red/green color vision. The PIP (Pseudo Isochromatic Plate) color test is administered first.




Is it possible to join the Navy if you are color blind?


While some men and women achieve record-high test scores and pass all other physical requirements, they can't serve in the military due to the color-blind test they must pass as part of their medical examination when joining MEPS.


What disqualifies you from the military?


To enlist, you must meet the requirements of current federal laws and regulations, or have a waiver that meets the requirements. To join the military, you must meet certain age, citizenship, physical, educational, height/weight, criminal record, and medical, and drug history requirements.


Is color blind a disability?


Ministers generally recognize that color blindness can be considered a disability, despite erroneous wording within the Equality Act 2010 Guidance Notes. If necessary, evidence can be provided.


Can you fix color blindness?


In most cases, color blindness runs in families. Special lenses and glasses can help, but there is no cure. The majority of color-blind people can adjust and have no problems with everyday tasks.

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