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Bringing Digital Offline: How To Successfully Market An Event Online

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Invitations and word of mouth is so 20th century. In this day and age, it’s all about the digital. Send e-vites, create an event and invite your guests to RSVP through Facebook, utilize social media influencers to generate hype - these are all the ways you can go about marketing an event. Whether it will be hosted by VenueHub or at a community space, you cannot go wrong with online marketing because you will be able to reach a larger audience and gain more exposure through a smaller budget. It is efficient, convenient and finance-friendly.

Place a sponsored content on an online publication

There are plenty of online publications that take sponsored content. It doesn’t have to be wholly promotional, as that has been proven to be less influential. Consumers of the century are much more conscious about the content that they consume, therefore content creators have started using interesting content and slipping in their sponsors in in an organic way to prevent being detected as an ad. While online policies dictate that writers need to disclose whether a post is sponsored, it is still much more effective than having a post entirely dedicated to the event. For instance, a fashion event might advertise on an article titled “7 outfits that will impress your crush” or a telecommunications company might opt for one regarding travel and cell reception.

Hire social media influencers or online personalities to promote the event

Based on your demographic and who you want to target, you can use social media influencers and other online personalities to spread the word. If it’s a beauty event, it makes sense to invite and collaborate with makeup artists and if it’s tech-related, it’s probably more effective to invite a tech reviewer or someone whose content reflects your brand and image.

Social media influencers or micro-influencers are especially effective for events as they are the authority in their niche and is able to influence their audiences on what they should take seriously. In a work saturated with numerous brands and competition, it is important to select the few events that matter and audiences turn to their favorite influencers for that kind of information.

Get the public or your targeted demographic involved

One way to entice people into noticing your event is to involve them. Create a campaign that is easily relatable to your target audience - invite them to share their relevant stories, pictures to win an attractive prize or entrance tickets to the event’s exclusive programs. Create a challenge and a hashtag so the two can go hand in hand. Take a look at the ALS ice bucket challenge, it went viral and raised copious awareness for the disease. That is what you want to do for your event.

Capture your audience and you will have something that is crucial to a successful event: the numbers. It would be a complete failure if your event is unable to attract attendees but with those above steps, it will definitely help spread the word and get your event on the headlines.

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