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The age of social media prominence

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Social media is truly a powerful practice. Through its history, social media has been many different things to many different people. In fact, to a lot of us, social media is all these things, and then some. It is rare that an innovation such as social media excels not only at what it was initially designed to achieve, but in other areas in life as well. And yet, here we are. Social media has accomplished exactly that, and we are positively in awe. Surrounded by absolute technological prowess and rapid digitalisation, we are consistently pushed to our very limits, constantly finding new boundaries and surpassing them.


By nature, we are social creatures. And so, it comes as no surprise that we have used a modern marvel like social media to embolden our social constraints and break down the barriers we have set in place for ourselves. Social media has achieved what it was put in place to do, and then it has gone and revolutionised other, unprecedented aspects of modern life as well. There are three core ways that social media has – and continues to – impacted us in our daily lives.


Social connection on a global scale

While social media has more than expanded on its initial reaches, it still shines as its initial purpose: a means of instantaneous global communication. When social media was first brought to live, global communication was mostly – if not always – expensive and time-consuming. Individuals had to either pay large sums of money to make phone calls, or they sent letters on pen and paper, the traditional way through the mail. When social media burst onto the scene, it transformed global communication forever, in all the best ways. Introduced as varying virtual platforms made possible through the internet, social media companies formed the foundations for what would grow to be a digital network that spanned the globe.

A place to brighten the highlight reel

We are all guilty of posting our best photos to our social media accounts. We want to display in vivid motion the very best parts of our lives, and we go out of our way to get the perfect shot so that we can add it to our virtual highlight reel. More than ever, we are obsessed with sharing our lives with others – but only the parts of our lives that we deem worthy of the digital highlight reel that is our social media accounts. This is especially true of aesthetically-based social media networks (think Instagram, Snapchat, etc). Social media provides us with the means and the opportunity to quite literally put our best representation forward, and we are scrambling to maintain that reputation, all the time.

The digital marketplace embodied

Social media is the basis of modern marketing embodied. There is something unique and inherently exciting about logging into social media, and seeing a product or a service that we have admired in the past flash before our eyes. Through social media marketing, we are given the chance to shop without feeling like our privacy is being invaded. Subtle but pointed, social media marketing is decidedly a leading digital marketing strategy today. Through the use of an online marketing company, or even just through the use of one’s own skills and talents, having the power to market something via social media demands a certain element of attention to detail that is near-impossible to mimic.

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