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To get a good guy, be a good girl

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“In real life, I have observed that a lot of my friends who are nicer and more conservative than I am, have these great men beside them. And I…got some real bad lemons. After noticing this…and reading Bo Sanchez’s book, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that: to get a good guy, I have to be a good girl.” - Sorsi, That Girl Was Me!




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I can’t say I agree but who am I to challenge a real-life observation, huh? I can only offer my own personal opinion regarding the matter and let Sorsi take care of the rest. But first let us highlight how she defined “good girl”

“…an equally conservative girl. You know, the type who has neat hair (all the time! Whereas I’ve had bad hair days all my life!), a nice smile, who doesn’t laugh too loud, who puts her hand over her chest when she leans forward (as opposed to showing cleavage), who says “I didn’t get that” when someone says a green joke (as opposed to always being the first one to get a green joke, or the source of the joke), who has that sweet disposition (instead of a PMS-al disposition), who is a girly-girl (and not ‘one of the boys’)….in short, the girl boys proudly bring home to their momma.”

First off, I don’t believe just because you’re conservative, you’re “good”. I guess, you have to elaborate on what kind of good we are talking about here. Don’t you agree? ;)

But more importantly, sweetie, here’s what I think. You ARE good. You may not be perfect but who is, right? Despite your scandalous :lol: interests, and the candid and liberal manner you conduct yourself in public or in private, I believe you deserve and WILL get a good man.

I don’t think those ideals were set by a heart that’s not good, wouldn’t you agree? For all you know, someone else sees you as his ideal. What can you say to that?

Dear readers, Sorsi came up with a Good Girl transformation plan, seeing that the type seems to get the good guys. What do you guys think? Perhaps you can take a shot or two in giving her an advice. Do let us know! :)

6 6 comentários

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