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How to Write a Literature Review

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Some students find writing a literature review quite challenging. After all, they have no clue what the end will be like. This is where a literature review comes in. It helps you provide a synthesis of the pertinent sources that you have used in your write-up. It also allows you to show the reader that you have done in-depth research on the topic.

However, most students do not have the foggiest idea of how to go about writing a readable and concise literature review. This article seeks to highlight the key areas that you must consider before you start working on the section. Read on to learn the steps you should follow in order to develop a coherent review.

Understand the Instructions

You probably have already written the Introduction and the body of the literature review. If that is not sufficient, it is perhaps best to read through the guidelines provided by your same day essay instructor. However, not every procedure that you are advised to take will result in a positive review. Hence, please do not assume that there is a set standard for what you should do. Read the instructions carefully to determine whether you are on the right track.

Work on Your Topic Carefully

As has been mentioned previously, you must familiarize yourself with the context of the paper. Ideally, most instructors will give out their requirements for each field. You need to establish what you want to discuss on either the qualitative or quantitative basis. As such, come up with a suitable title that conveys the intended message.

Create a Thesis Statement

After coming up with a relevant thesis statement, you then have the task of outlining and elaborating on it. Typically, a thesis is a summary of the ideas in the text. Nevertheless, it is not entirely conclusive. The thesis gives a general insight into the purpose of the write-up. Thus, it should not be vague at first.

Research Widely

Although the work might be straightforward, you are likely to encounter several obstacles in completing the review. Most professors will advise you to carry out prior research on the subject. As you continue with the research, you will be taking on supporting evidence for the thesis. More so, it helps you to distinguish between speculative and genuine opinions on the subject.

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Literature Review Essay: Writing Tips for Beginners

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