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Health Cause Vaping may get Breathing problem

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Researchers have revealed that using e-cigarette or vaping may cause breathing and swallowing problem in teenagers.

According to the study, published in the journal Pediatrics, a teenage girl with no hint of prior asthma or respiratory illness began to feel hoarseness in her throat and a feeling that she needed to clear her throat frequently.


Within a few weeks, her hoarseness and throat-clearing worsened with early morning voice loss and feeling as if food were lodged in her throat. She started having trouble swallowing and began to avoid food all together.

aping may get Breathing problem in Teenagers

Examining her throat, pediatrician confirmed moderate swelling and a partially obstructed airway draped with thick chartreuse-colored mucus.

The teen had no history of an autoimmune disorder, no international travel and no exposure to animals. She had no fever and had received all her scheduled immunisations.


But in speaking with doctors at Children’s National Hospital in the US, the teen had admitted to using candy-and fruit-flavoured e-cigarettes three to five times with her friends over the two months preceding her symptoms.

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