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Mosherflo Pumps

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If you closed a shutoff on the discharge of numerous other electric pumps, something is bound to damage. The ABEL EM with the nil-flow control system immediately allows the pump to stop under pressure for included security and Gorman Rupp Pump Parts security.


The ABEL EM nil-flow electric diaphragm pump is the best, energy reliable selection for tough and also abrasive obligation. No air, no rotors, no clogging, no concerns.

Energy and maintenance financial savings are immediate, often repaying your first investment within months.

  • Benefits of the ABEL EM
  • Clog-free as well as risk-free to run dry
  • Self-priming
  • Electric power gives you more control
  • High pumping pressures are possible
  • Safe separation of the pumped medium from the pump mechanism
  • Gentle transfer (low shear)
  • Energy-efficient conveying
  • Trusted overload defense
  • Safety & Pump Protection
  • No packaging
  • No seals
  • Pumps up to 80% solids
  • Pumps gas and liquid mixes
  • Drip discovery & fluid containment
  • No pressed air
  • 90% pumping effectiveness
  • Simpler fixing while still piped inline
  • No motor positioning during a repair work

Continuous Flow
Air ran pumps slow down and also eventually stall upon rising pressure. The ABEL EM with nil-flow control system preserves continuous flow despite back pressure as well as can be regulated by the VFD. Circulation can be differed or even securely stopped by means of an internal recommendation signal, regardless if the stress spike is steady or abrupt.

Regulated Pressure
A constant circulation price can be attained approximately 60 psi. The stress limitation as well as reboot can be established independently by the plant operator. You are in complete control. You can't obtain that from your air ran Gorman Rupp Pump Parts.

Best Pump Efficiency
Thanks to ABEL EM clever technology along with its highly efficient drive layout, expense efficiency depends on 5 times more than air operated pumps. And unlike gear, wattle and proceeding dental caries type pumps, ABEL EM pumps cannot slip. No more expensive blades/ stator fixing, no more inefficient flow.

ABEL EM flexibility permits controlled opening and also closing of the discharge line permitting a number of storage tanks at various places to be filled easily as well as at a constant flow rate.

Bye-bye Compressed Air
Pump completely without pressed air: Save money while maintaining control.


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