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History and Origins of Poker Games

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History and Origins of Poker Games should be known by every online poker gambler. Because the game of real money poker gambling all starts from here and there are lots of benefits for each player in IDN Poker. The popularity of the Texas Hold'em Poker game will not exist without this history.

The current poker game is actually the result of a modification several centuries before. Actually poker card games have been born since the early 18th century in several European countries. For example in Germany, this game is called Pochen. Whereas in England it is called Brag, and in France it is called Poque. When that era, where the period of trade between countries was high, it was French traders who introduced the game Poque called Poker to America. One source of literary media in England mentions this game first began in 1829 in a city called New Orleans, America.

In those days, texas holdem poker gambling games only used one deck of cards. And the contents are only 20 types of cards, and the player on the table is only enough for 4 people. Of course that era was very different from the online poker game that we know today. Time after time passed, finally the poker game switched to using 52 cards. When poker starts using 52 cards, then some terms, Flush, Draw, and Straight are created. Not only about new terms, but the rules of poker games are officially made.

Poker developed very rapidly in the 20th century in the state of the United States. Caused by residents who have a lot of free time, finally they play poker to gamble using real money. In fact, soldiers who were struggling during World War II in 1939 to 1945 also played it. In those days, poker games were like home card games. If in Indonesia, hoes or claps of mosquitoes is a home-based card game that is usually played everyday.

Popularity of History and Origins of Poker Games

Various media such as television, internet, radio, and various collections of literature have contributed to the popularity of Texas Hold'em Poker. Then began the poker game into various casinos in Las Vegas. Hold'em Poker replaces the seven-card stud as the game most commonly played by visitors at various state casinos in the United States. Seeing the booming visitors in this game, a tournament was made. Binion's Horseshoe Casino, one of the casinos in the Las Vegas Nevada area, in 1970 held a poker tournament called the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This tournament event is held annually. Starting from only 5 players, this tournament even developed into the biggest event in the entire country and also holds the richest title in the world.

Since being made the main broadcast in a television program, especially the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and World Poker Tour (WPT) events, poker's popularity exploded. Even the increase in popularity exploded in the eyes of the world experienced again in the first decade of the 21st century. The reason poker games are so popular in the eyes of players is because of its simplicity.

So many writers created books containing strategies and tips on playing poker and some recommendations for playing correctly. Most, of all the books that have been examined, this strategy says we do not need to participate in each round of the table. We recommend that you place a bet (bet), raise a bet (raise), join the bet (call) at some time and just the right time.

Now, the popularity of poker is increasing even though centuries have passed. This is due to the availability of online poker gambling sites. In this all-digital era, everything wants to be practical. By not having to go to the casino, we can play poker online wherever and whenever. All online poker has spread in various countries and everyone is very familiar with poker. With online poker gambling, all players from all countries can be connected. And this type of online poker game is played by Texas Hold'em Poker.

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