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2 important points in brand storytelling

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Transparency: Brand storytelling has a variety of uses and can be used to achieve a variety of goals. This is about the kind of brand storytelling that helps build a great employer brand and improve your business.

Brand storytelling Brand storytelling

The story and storytelling of the brand can be seen everywhere.

Even companies that do not seem to have a brand image have stories for themselves.

Their problem is that there is no one to tell their stories.

The most important issue that a company faces in the field of employer branding is that the company does not have brand storytelling at all. Other problems are small things that you can easily solve. Whenever you want.

Therefore, in this article, we want to introduce you to three mistakes in brand storytelling that are very important.

1) He did not show people

For brand storytelling, nothing can be more fascinating than someone smiling at the camera.

Most of the time, companies publish photos of their group tour that not even one person's face can be clearly seen in the photo. It is true that group photos can be very attractive, but remember not to underestimate the power of a single image.

The text or caption of the photo above can be anything related to that person. You can write the following below the photo on different occasions:

  • For example, it is the anniversary of his entry into this field and you want to show what a successful person he is.
  • It's his birthday and you want to tell a joke related to that person.
  • Have a personal blog and you want to introduce his blog.
  • The party has a number of strange and special talents, and of course, apart from his job skills, which you think is worth sharing.
  • If he attends an "event" or is going to attend in the near future, you can let him know so that no one misses the event.

In addition, action photography (we named it ourselves) is another successful solution. By definition, an action photo is a photo that shows a person doing something funny, amazing, or inspiring.

You might think that the idea of ​​such images is hard to come by; But let me tell you something, even the most dull people can sometimes do interesting things. Talk to the person whose action photo is to be taken, ask the right questions, go beyond a short conversation and try to find the person's interests. Then make an interesting story about this. it's not hard!

Do not forget to tag people on photos. This will make your photo more visible to users. It also encourages other employees to post photos themselves; Because they are a kind of brand ambassador for your company in various social networks.

2- You talk about publishing goods and services, but you do not celebrate

As a company, you have partners and customers. These people definitely have stories to tell about their successes . A successful product, a festival-winning service, or something similar is worth celebrating; Your celebration is not limited to the company itself, but should also take place on various social media channels.



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