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Check keyword matching types in Google Ads

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In short, when you run a Google advertising campaign, you decide how you want your keywords to drive your ads:

  • Exact match keywords only show your ad to searchers who type in the exact same phrase or the same phrase with the same purpose. For example, if your Exact match keyword is [dog clothing], your ad will appear in search of terms such as dog lip and dog clothing, but not phrases such as dog collar or dog holiday dress.
  • Phrase match keywords show your ads to searchers who type in the same or similar phrase. For example, if your keyword matches "rabbit backpack", your ad will appear in search of rabbit backpack and rabbit carrier, plus pet carrier and rabbit accessories.
  • Broad match keywords are the most widespread. Set a Broad match keyword for cat food, and your ad can show up in cat encouragement searches, cat food and kitten food, and glossary definitions of the term. Extensive matching searches are helpful in helping your ad find your competitors because they focus on overall goals.
Differences in keyword types in Google Ads

So what matches Google Ads keywords?

Because Broad match is so widespread, Google recently added a Broad match modifier. In fact, there is not much difference between Broad match and Phrase match performance. To create a modified Broad match keyword, place positive marks in front of the terms in your keyword phrase. Then Google knows that you want all those keywords to appear in searches that match the same broad purpose. In July, instead of BMM being a separate item, Google essentially created a Broad match modifier from the phrase matching option you see in your ad dashboard. Also, from July:

  • You cannot generate new BMM keywords using the + sign.
  • Phrase match automatically includes BMM function.
  • Every BMM keyword you have now will be transferred to the new version of Phrase match.

If you run campaigns in more than one language, you may see this change at different times. Like most Google changes, this one starts in phases, starting with English and a few other popular languages, and the rest later in 2021.

What steps should people take to ensure that their advertising programs continue?

Here is what Google has to offer:

  1. Start creating Phrase match keywords instead of BMM keywords :
    However, they will change soon, and if you edit your BMM keywords, they will automatically update to fit the phrase.
  2. If you want to keep track of their performance, do not convert your existing BMM keywords search traffic to Phrase match :
    changing them now will clear the data.
  3. Review your schedule to see if you need to add or change keywords:
    What you do here depends on your money and goals.

Do you want to reduce your advertising budget a bit? If your advertising budget is very low, it is best to stick to Exact match keywords, especially now that the matching phrase automatically has a wider scope. This setting can help you reach the customers you want to buy, instead of spending your advertising money on people who may just be browsing.

Do you have more advertising budget and want to find more customers? You can use Broad match and Phrase match and Google smart suggestions as a tool to discover, as long as you do not have a small budget limit and you can wait two to four weeks for Google algorithm to learn how people search with words You turn and what they do in the next step.

Take another look at your negative keywords

Google says the update will not affect them, but while you're updating, it's best to pinpoint your negative matches as much as you can, so do everything you don't want with them. Match it there.

For example, if you only sell large T-shirts, you should enter medium and small as negative keywords, so your ads will not appear in those search results.

Prepare to match the phrase

Once everything is ready, remember to monitor your Google Ads metrics after the change in July. You may need to buy targeted traffic that converts make more adjustments to reach the right customers at the expense of advertising.

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