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How to buy Tezos (XTS) on Binance ? - Step-by-step for you:

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How to buy Tezos (XTS) on Binance ? - Step-by-step for you: 

“How to buy Tezos (XTZ) on Binance ?”, this article to help you step by step to buy Tezos on Binance easily. Follow 4 steps below to get to know deeply. 

Step 1: Create an account on the web or the Binance app: 

The first step to buy Tezos (XTZ) is to have your Binance account act as a gateway to buy any cryptocurrency. Here are the ways to create your account on the app or the website of Binance.

  • Sign up via the Binance App
  • Register via the website with your email
  • Register via the website with your mobile number.


Step 2: Choose how you can own Tezos: 

You need to click on the “buy crypto” link at the top of the website navigation, which will show the options available in your country. Some valuable points to note for you is that for better compatibility with Coin, you should first consider buying a stablecoin like USDT or BUSD and then using it to buy Tezos. 

There are four ways to help you buy Tezos as follows:


  • Credit and debit cards: if you are a new user, this is the easiest option to get you Tezos.
  • Bank Deposit: transfer Fiat money from your bank account to Finance, then use the money to buy Tezos (XTZ).
  • P2P trading: you can directly buy Tezos from other users using Binance's peer-to-peer service.
  • Payment with 3rd side. 


Step 3: Confirmed transaction: 

You need 1 minute to confirm your transaction information at the current level. After 1 minute, your trade will be calculated based on the current market value.

Step 4: Store and use XTZ on Binance: 

Through the above three simple steps, you can now store and use Tezos on Binance in your digital wallet or keep it in your Binance account. You can trade other cryptocurrencies or bet on Binace Earn for an additional source of passive income. 

Through 4 steps, you could quickly answer your best friend's question, “How to buy Tezos (XTZ) on Binance ?” and can own a new source of passive income for themselves.







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