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What is Compound Crypto ?”- Basic Information: 

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“What is Compound Crypto?” Nowadays, with Compound Protocol, which has gradually established itself as one of the lending projects leading the DeFi and Yield Farming trends in mid-2020, the article will help you answer the question.

Complex cryptocurrency is a method built on the Lending model on the Ethereum blockchain. This is considered a decentralized financial platform that allows users to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies. Lenders can earn from interest, besides borrowers, quickly and completely anonymously. Interest rates are based on supply and demand for each asset class.

To better understand how Compound works and dive into the purpose and answer “What is Compound Crypto ?”, please visit the link below for more satisfactory answers.







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What is TofuNFT ? _ Information about TofuNFT: 

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In today's financial market, TofuNFT has made significant breakthroughs becoming the first multi-chain NFT marketplace. So “What is TofuNFT”, let's go with us to find the special about this NFT in this article. 

TofuNFT is considered a decentralized marketplace that provides most of the features, and SCV.Finance  develops it and deployed on the Blockchain blockchain, aiming to buy, sell and trade tokens. Indicates that the NFT cannot be replaced.

The SCV NFT marketplace operates using a combination of features found in the DeFi and NFT markets after being renamed TofuNFT. In November 2021, upon the successful beta publication in September, users were allowed to take advantage of the free listing of gas in both the pricing and auction sub-segments of the market. In addition, NFT buyers and collectors can collect and upload NFTs whose price tags are denominated in several different currencies.

 This is the basic information about “What is TofuNFT ?”, if you want more related information on the topic, please visit the link attached below for good news.







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Top 10 NFT Marketplaces - More Choice for you: 

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NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset created with blockchain technology and cannot be exchanged or copied in any way. Depending on your goals, you can make or collect according to your personal preferences. We send you the list of “Top 10 NFT Marketplaces” for investors with many choices to buy NFT effectively.


OpenSea is known as NFT market platform with a large scale, NFT trading volume is a great indicator; users can create, buy and sell a variety of NFTs on the site. A wide selection of digital items in the “digital token” category, such as virtual goods, art cards, or entire virtual worlds, saves money and gas costs; the NFT marketplace is based on the Ethereum prototype being partnered with the polygon network. Currently a leader in copyright development, creators can choose how they are compensated for their work by selling NFTs. This approach can potentially increase creativity and protect intellectual property while also helping to change the model of creator pay, the reason those producers can make money anywhere when an item is sent to the secondary market. These are the statistics of the NFT Market in Q3/2022; we hope to provide you with helpful information to keep an eye on NFT Market.



SuperRare is exclusive to the NFT marketplace dealing with a select group of NFT artists, intending to preserve them in the name of art collection culture, which is why SuperRare has a wide range of artworks and rare NFT techniques.

Digital art, photo, and video recording enthusiasts will browse the SuperRare marketplaces. SuperRare Space to assist in finding all quality professional NFT. This can be a non-starter platform with its extensive filter selection feature. However, this may be the place for experienced investors to access the full-art NFT. 





Enjin Marketplace: 


NBA Top Short: 


Jump Trade: 

There is a list of “Top 10 NFT Marketplaces” suitable for investors to get more information and find a marketplace. You can click on the link below if you want to build your knowledge and valuable information. 






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NFT Market in Q3/2022 - Useful Information: 

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The NFT market in Q3/2022 is a prosperous time for the project, with many new improvements in the platform, roadmap, and human resources to better prepare for the next cycle. Let's find out what's new in this project.


Overview of the NFT Market: 

The cryptocurrency market fell from $3 trillion to under a trillion by 2022. The non-financial exchange market is not exempt.


Profit and trade volumes in NFT: 

In Q2/2022, compared to Q1, it shows that USD trading volume has decreased by 25%. In addition, trading volume decreased by 75% in Q3, representing fewer NFT-related transactions between July and September 2022.

In addition, sales market volatility decreased by 5%, with Q2 sales falling from 11.45 million to 10.90 million in Q3 regarding Yuga Labs metaverse and PFP transaction volumes. BAYC fell from $2 billion to $182 million in the third quarter. NFT agents in Q3/2022 were also less profitable, with $2 billion to $326 million in the second quarter, compared to the second quarter, with total losses reduced from $1.4 billion to $780 million.


NFT price and holding time: 

The average price of NFTs and retention time has dropped to $150 in Q3 from $600 in Q2. Active wallets fell slightly by 17% in Q3 to around 120,000 daily transactions. Moreover, the holding time of NFT increased somewhat by about 13%, which shows that the market has a downtrend affecting the price and limited liquidity.


NFT Collection: 

Collections account for about 60% of the market and within that, with over $537 million in trading volume done in Q3/2022. However, the number of active wallets is down by 52%, meaning that collectible NFT earnings wallets would instead hold than sell at a loss. The most significant volume of transactions focused on the Art segment reached about 14%. Utilities reached nearly 13% in Q3. Only the Utility segment is likely to stand out in the future with a +44% increase in asset volume and a +5% increase in liquidity.


These are the statistics of the NFT Market in Q3/2022; we hope to provide you with helpful information to keep an eye on NFT Market.






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What is Crypto Lending ? - Your Answer. 

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Nowadays, Crypto lending is one of the trending in life, which gives investors many choices to create passive sources of money. So “What is Crypto Lending ?”, follow us to have the answer. 

Crypto lending is a form of crypto-asset holders that generates a source of passive income at a specific interest rate for a certain period. Today, the market has two exchanges corresponding to 2 forms of cryptocurrency lending to support users.

  • CeFi-Centralized: This is a centralized financial lending platform; through this form, there will always be a third party to support and control the activities of the lender and the borrower. Some reputable and famous lending platforms today, such as Nexo, BlockFi, Salt, etc. 
  • DeFi-Decentralized: this is a decentralized lending platform, eliminating the influence of third parties; two parties will agree upon borrowing and lending activities. Some centralized lending platforms are widely used today, such as Marker, Fulcrum, Constant, etc.

According to the article, Crypto Lending is one the choice for investors to find the new way and effective platform for you to choose in lending. This helps you to answer the question “What is Crypto Lending ?.”





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