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How to recognize the money flow analysis on DeFi into the ecosystem:

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How to recognize the money flow analysis on DeFi into the ecosystem: 

How to recognize the money flow analysis on DeFi into the ecosystem: 


  • Following the market to catch technology trends easily, the ecosystem solves the problems encountered, and the money will flow into it.
  • When coins are flowing into an ecosystem, their TVL will increase for a while, and then the currency will have a new platform coin that will gradually increase.
  • Insider information is a source of confidential information that is difficult for investors to access. Sharks always have secret ways of communicating with each other to share inside information.


How to know if the cash flow is being withdrawn from the ecosystem?

  • One of the significant factors to realize is that money is gradually being withdrawn from the Defi ecosystem. This identifies signs and warnings that help us see if systems are evolving and continuing to evolve so that males can decide whether to keep or leave to move into the ecosystem is different.
  • An analytical system needs fundamentals, infrastructure, puzzle pieces, and developments to attract and retain cash flow. If one of these critical elements is lacking, the cash flow will be withdrawn from the ecosystem.
  • DeFi ecosystem needs to be completed; capital inflow can be for reference only savvy investors will quickly realize if it is not profitable.
  • If layers 1 and 2 grow higher than this or other layers when not completed, the cash flow will likely be withdrawn early.


In short, when it comes to cash flow in crypto, you need to be sure of the following:

  • A DeFi ecosystem can only attract and analyze cash flows when it has enough essential elements and infrastructure to receive them.
  • As money in crypto flows into the DeFi ecosystem, it will circulate from Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 parts like AMM DEX, Lending/Borrowing, Stablecoins, IDO Platform, and NFT.

There are some information about “How to recognize the money flow analysis”, if you want to get more information you can click on the link below. 




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How to find Hidden Gems on Twitters effectively - Easy for you: 

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Follow three steps to help you find the Hidden Gem. Below is the answer to the question “How to find Hidden Gems on Twitter.” 

Step 1: Follow Twitter: 

You need to create your own valid Twitter account and follow the official channels of the project, especially Blockchain layer 1 (Platform of Blockchain). How to research the project on Twitter in detail:

  • Search by Keyword: Access the website Coingecko-Type the project name you want to find. The standard information of the project will be on the right side of the screen; you need to click directly on the information to look it up. 
  • How to follow Twitter: Click on "Follow" and the bell next to it; when there is Tweet information, the system will automatically notify you to capture information quickly.
  • Follow a proposed project: Go to the project's Twitter page, notice in the box to the right that there are suggested projects by stakeholders, click follow, and read through their introduction. I look forward to the project's articles to better understand the operating structure and upcoming plans.


Step 2: Set up templates and goals: 

Create an overview of the systems to be tracked and clearly label the pieces of the system by dividing them into columns and categories (Projects, tokens, etc.). Newspapers, Overview, TVL, Launchpad, Twitter,...). Each project should be noted on the sheets for easy comparison. Specifically, when determining which projects have the potential to attract the most liquidity and be the most active, let us have an overview of each project. 


Step 3: Monitor and update new information every day: 

This is the last step; you need to repeat steps 1 and 2 daily until we get the results of Mapping Out all the system pieces. Tracking and updating projects with new Puzzles on the map will help you have a complete overview of the system you are interested in.






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How to sell dogecoin (DOGE) - Beginner guide: 

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This article to help you answer the question “How to sell dogecoin (DOGE)?”Four steps to help you right now. 


Step 1: Choose a reputable Dogecoin seller: 

There are some considerations to consider when deciding where to sell Dogecoin. The change will be subject to crypto exchange and bearer cost; sending DOGE will be free. When deciding where to sell, you can factor in transaction costs. Reasonable fees range from 0% to 5% per transaction. When selling Dogecoin, bank account withdrawal fees are the last thing to consider. One exchange will apply a flat fee. Others apply up to a percentage. Look for an exchange that pays all or part of withdrawal fees, charges a cheap flat fee, or has no withdrawal fees.


Step 2: Create an account: 

You must register an account on the cryptocurrency exchange you choose to use to sell Dogecoin. Find the register button quickly or register directly on the fan page after you have completed it and do the following: Enter your phone number or email address. To confirm, enter the verification code sent to the email address or phone number you used to register your account. Click “Sign up” or “Register.”


  • The KYC process must be completed once your identity is verified; the basic processes have been performed, finder detailed. You can refer to Finder's KYC instructions when visiting here.
  • Steps to access your personal information: Your name, country of residence, and valid ID are required. You need to submit a scan of your preferred ID for this stage, or you can enter your ID number.
  • File Upload: You must have a clear image, or your ID scan must be free of glare and obstructions. A copy of your utility bill or bank statement that matches the address and name on the ID you provide needs to be uploaded.
  • Upload a selfie: this should require taking a photo showing your entire face. It would be best if you held a piece of paper with your name and current date written on it. Some websites may give you a special code to write down.
  • 2FA Activation: This is considered an optional step but also needs to be done, communicating specific requirements about it. With 2-factor authentication, you need to strengthen the security of your account.


Step 3: Deposit Dogecoin: 

Following these steps will help you to successfully top up Dogecoin by accessing your wallet or exchange balance:


  1. Find “Dogecoin”
  2. Click on  “Deposit” 
  3. For Dogecoin funds in your possession, please copy the address provided by the exchange.
  4. In your external Dogecoin wallet, paste the address. 
  5. Verify the correct address again. 

Depending on your comfort level, you may initially deposit a small amount of money for testing. You will have an additional transaction fee, but you will feel safer.


  • You need to choose network fee (note: with higher fees, the transaction will be processed faster) 
  • Leave the wallet immediately after the transaction is notified 
  • Wait for the deposit to be confirmed with the exchange 
  • Depending on the exchange and network congestion, this can take up to an hour. 
  • You can sell your DOGE once the deposit has been confirmed.


Step 4: Sell Dogecoin 

You can sell your Dogecoin as it is now in the exchange account. A market or limit order are two options for selling DOGE through an exchange. it is essential to note that you can exchange Dogecoin for cash or other cryptocurrencies and tokens


Market Limit/Orders 

You must visit "spot trading," "trading," or "market" on a cryptocurrency exchange to access the market and place limit orders. Market and limit orders are the two most common forms of trading, but there can be more. You can exchange Dogecoin for other cryptocurrencies or fiat-pegged stablecoins when you sell it through spot trading.


Market order: 

Dogecoin is sold immediately at the current rate, and although it comes with a lower cost than instant sales, the cost is higher than the limit ground. Suppose you want to sell at the current market price as soon as possible. It would be best if you chose market orders.


Limit order: 

It will be sold when Dogecoin reaches the price you specify, which costs much less than instant sales and less than market orders. You can execute a limit order if you want to sell Dogecoin at a specific price.


Maker/taker Fees 

These are fees associated with instant trading, manufacturer-evaluated fees for individual customers who are liquid of the exchange (If the order is not already on the ledger). Book Taker Fees are rated for those who remove liquidity from the exchange (Place an order that already exists and is executed immediately. Market orders are usually subject to execution fees because they are unavailable.). Speed of transactions If the price of a limit order is the same as the market price, the receiver fee can be assessed. Orders from manufacturers reduce costs if you place a limited order and evaluate differences from the current market price. On certain exchanges, the transaction fees are almost the same.

This article will help you refer to the “How to sell dogecoin (DOGE)” process.







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How to buy DAI Crypto _ In 3 steps: 

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Follow this article to help you learn “How to buy DAI” in 3 steps for success. 

Step 1: Open an account online: 

Open an account with a crypto broker that accepts tokens, such as Binance.US and These are the two simplest choices to help you buy DAI. You can refer to many different brokers when opening an account because DAI is offered on most brokerage platforms. When choosing the right broker, you need to keep the following factors in mind: 

  1. Tips and Fees
  2. Trading platform 
  3. Availability of more cryptocurrencies to buy and sell locally available.


Step 2: Buy a wallet: 

For your convenience, you should create a separate wallet to keep your tokens after choosing a broker to register an account. With the use of an e-wallet, you can completely store your tokens. Your assets from your preferred exchange using a unique set of keys provided to you, with two types of bitcoin wallets:

  • Hardware wallet: this is an offline storage system like a USB drive, software wallets are less expensive than hardware wallets, but hardware wallets provide a better level of security for your tokens.

Using a private online wallet, you can store your tokens and currencies with a software wallet that can be used on a desktop computer or directly using a mobile phone device. Software wallets offer investors a free method to keep their savings out of trading, but they are less secure than hardware wallets because they require an internet connection to access their funds. Additionally, open-source software wallets support more types of tokens than hardware wallets. DAI can be held in practically any wallet that supports Ethereum since it is an ERC-20 token.


Step 3: Make a DAI Crypto Purchase:

Once you have set up your wallet and trading account, the exact process you have gone through may vary depending on your broker, but here are the primary stages you can anticipate after buying DAI:


  • Your brokerage account should be funded, and you need to add a funding method to your brokerage account before you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Most brokers allow you to buy cryptocurrencies by direct bank transfer, and more brokers allow credit and debit card payments. Make sure your chosen funding method is linked and approved.
  • Choose the type of order you want to send; most brokers give you access to several different order types, market orders executed quickly to highly regulated limit orders. Look at the DAI price right now and choose the type of order you want to place. The cost will usually be close to $1.
  • Please submit your order, and place it through your trading platform for the price and quantity of DAI you want to buy. You can because your broker will fulfill your order according to your trading parameters and instructions.

Depending on the state of the market, your broker will complete your order which can range from a few minutes to an hour. Your token will appear in your exchange wallet whenever your broker successfully executes your order. If your broker executes an order, they will terminate it at the end of the trading day or keep it open forever. Here are three steps to help you “How to buy DAI Crypto.”






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How to buy BNB on Metamask? - Buy by Iphone or Android: 

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Through the article, you will answer your question, “How to buy BNB on Metamask ?” Below is a way to support those who use iPhone or Android interface to buy BNB on Metamask.

Buy BNB on Metamask by iPhone: 

iPhone users also provide Metamask to download from App Store. The software allows users to buy BNB to ensure that Binance Smart Chain is stably configured on your Metamask before moving on to the next step. Here are the steps to help you buy BNB on Metamask with iPhone: 

  1. Open the Metamask app once the download is done. 
  2. Search for BNB and click “Buy.”
  3. Select the amount you want to have.

You must enter your password after choosing your payment method to complete the transaction. Some users may discover that there is no “buy” option. This results from Binance being inaccessible in all 50 states and entirely unavailable in many countries worldwide. In this case, you can use a virtual private network (VPN). Some other options are to buy BNB elsewhere and then transfer it to your Metamask wallet.


Buy BNB on Metamask by Android:

Buying BNB on Metamask ultimately allows android users to monitor their crypto-flow anytime and anywhere. You can download the app from CH play. Please ensure that Binance Smart Chain is configured on your Metamask before buying BNB on metamask.

Here are the instructions for investors to buy BNB on Metamask by Android:

  1. Use the Metamask app, if not, download it from the Play Store. 
  2. Find BNB and press “Buy” 
  3. Choose the amount you want to buy

This article guides you “How to buy BNB on Metamask ?” via Iphone and Android, hope to assist you easily in the process of buying BNB on Metamask.








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