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Essay and Term Paper on History

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  • African-Americans in Films: An Evolution of Their Portrayal

This paper looks at the portrayal of Africa-Americans in Hollywood films from the 1950s to today. The evolution of how African-Americans have been portrayed in these films is the main focus of discussion in this paper.

  • African-Americans in Vietnam

This undergraduate paper uses history help and discusses the experiences of African-American soldiers in the Vietnam War, examines the discrimination they suffered, and demonstrates that African-Americans were victimized in Vietnam by racial abuse despite the fact that without them the war would have been lost much earlier than it was.

  • African-Centered Perspective

This paper reports on an interview with an African-American family to demonstrate the presence of an African-centered perspective.

  • Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery

This undergraduate paper is in the format of an essay on "Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery", by Charles Johnson and Patricia Smith. The author here provides an autobiographical sketch of Johnson and Smith, and analyzes the content and quality of the book.

  • Afro Americans: The Civil Rights Movement 1948 - 1980

The focus of this essayis the relationship between the Civil Rights movement and an American political establishment. This essay looks at the variety of reactions from Democrats, Republicans, from State and Federal politicians and the political bodies that became a part of the drama that characterized the Civil Movement. 

  • Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" - Recording Afro American History

This is a paper analyzing the story "Everyday use" by the Afro American writer Alice Walker.

  • All That Jazz Worked Towards Votes

This paper presents a discussion about the era of jazz and the black political movements during the Harlem Renaissance era. The author takes us on an exploration of jazz music and its history as well as the Harlem Renaissance then ties it all together to political impact and movements. 

  • American History: African American Progress Within the Racist Hegemony of White American Society

This essay will seek to examine the nature of white racial hegemony in American history, and to understand how African Americans have made progess since the Emancipation Proclamation. In this manner, we can see how blacks attained positions of power in American government, sought equal voting rights to whites, and made it possible for Affirmative Action to help blacks avoid employment and educational discrimination.

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