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Build Tigreal Tersakit 2021 Mobile Legends

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ngobrol games - In any match, Tigreal the Mystic Warrior continues to be on the front line and does not lose at all. Until the time when the strongest opponent was opposite Tigreal, they most often chose not to use resistance. Because, even a small place would put their lives on the edge of the sword of the brave Tigreal.

Tigreal the Mystic Warrior is a knight who serves in the Lord of Light. Because of many victories and courage and courage, the name Mystical Warrior is synonymous with courage and truth.

For Tigreal's bravery in every fight, the light work earned him the title Warrior of Light as a sign of the show.

Tigreal is one of the classic tanks in Mobile Legends. Because based on meta classic, Tigreal pointed too hard for the size of the tank. On the other hand, it is equipped with various skills to gather opponents at one point and control them to continue at a certain point in time.

Because of his abilities, Tigreal is favored by many mages who have AoE skills with large burst damage. For example Valir, Kagura, Aurora, Alice, Eudora and many.

Build Tigreal Tersakit 2021 also often looks at many magicians who do not have an escape mechanism. When Tigreal duets with them, he has to stay away from several enemies who are trying to spy on many magicians by using Sacred Hammer and Stimulation skills. If you feel that these 2 skills are still not enough, Tigreal uses the Battle Spell Petrify which can freeze opponents around Tigreal.

Tigreal is a hero with a tank model in the Mobile Legends game, this hero is often activated when he wants to push rank or play classic.

The third is a hero who has deadly crowd control skills and has high durability, it's not surprising that this hero is often activated when he wants to push rank.

For those of you who are looking for the sickest and most powerful Tigreal build reference for Mobile Legends season 21, here we give you a Tigreal Mobile Legends build reference.

The first element you have to buy is Courage Mask, this roaming element must be used by support heroes and heroes with tank models. This element has the function to make a lot of hero cores, by using this element as a core hero will get a lot of gold and exp when doing farming.

Courage Mask gives an additional 700 HP and 10% cooldown reduction. Bravery Mask also attributes 15 movement speed with antique passive: Increases movement speed by 30%, physical and magical attacks by 20% for one club hero for as little as three seconds. Then the second antique passive is: Get 25% gold and additional exp when getting help.

The 2nd element that you must have is Tough Boots, this element is a Movement element that must be used by all heroes at the beginning of the game. Tough Boots has a function to increase movement speed and magical defense, by utilizing this element so that Build Tigreal Tersakit 2021 will become stronger.

Tough Boots can provide an additional 22 magical defenses and increase movement speed by 40.

The 3rd element is Dominance Ice, Dominance Ice is a strong Defense element to help help tank-type heroes like Tigreal. This element has a function to increase durability, and reduce movement speed and attack speed of enemy heroes.

This element provides an additional 500 mana, 70 physical defense and 5% movement speed. Not only that, Dominance Ice also provides an additional 10% cooldown reduction with anti-antique, namely: Reducing the movement speed of enemy heroes by 10% and attack speed by 30%.

The 4th element that you must buy is Immortality, the most important Defense element for all heroes. Immortality has a function to increase physical defense and revive Build Tigreal Tersakit 2021 after being killed by enemy heroes.

Immortality gives an additional +800 HP and 40% physical defense. Immortality has an antique passive: Turns on after death for 2 seconds, gives 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.

Athena's Shield is a Defense element that has a function to reduce magical power damage to Tigreal. By utilizing this element, the damage to the Mage hero will not hurt, so Tigreal can compete with bars and be aggressive.

This element gives an additional 900 HP, 62 magic defense and 4 HP regen. Athena's Shield also has an antique passive: Reduce magical damage by 25% in 5 seconds

The last element you have to buy is Oracle, the most powerful Defense element in Mobile Legends. This element has a function to increase cooldown reduction, the amount of HP and the regen effect on Tigreal. By utilizing this element, Tigreal will not be a feeder because it is very difficult to kill by physical or magical heroes. This element gives an additional +850 HP, 42 magic defense and

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