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KT coach Kang Dong-hoon, who broke the losing streak

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KT escaped the losing streak. Head coach Kang Dong-hoon attributed the losing streak to the players trying to do too many different things. There was a lot of psychological pressure on the rookie team to do their part, but the order to take it easy worked for them and they won this game.

After their victory over OK Savings Bank Brion in the first round of the LCK at Roll Park on the 31st, KT Rolster head coach Kang Dong-hoon said in a post-match interview, "It feels good to win. I've been talking to the players a lot lately, and it seems like they've been feeling the pressure lately."

He further explained that it was not only the rookies, but also the experienced players, and said that he gave the team an order before today's game, "I want them to think slowly and with a relaxed mind". According to him, this first step is what led to today's victory, making it even more meaningful.

When asked about how he prepared for the match to turn around his two-game losing streak, he said, "We were trying to do a lot of different things, including banshees, and that's where we got disorganized. I was trying to do a lot of things well, and my foot got twisted. I reflected on this and realized that the rookie, Perfect, needed time to adjust. I think the pressure of the existing players to do better also played a role in the game psychologically," said Kang Dong-hoon, who was the first to answer, adding that he focused on telling the team to play with a relaxed mindset.

Despite the 2-0 victory over Brion, Kang Dong-hoon said there were many things that could have been better. "There were a lot of things we could have done better in terms of catching turns in the game. However, the communication process between the players was good," said Kang in more detail.

KT's next opponent is DRX, who also recently ended their losing streak and turned things around. "We don't know when DRX's rookies will explode in performance, and we're adamant that we won't let our guard down because we're in a phase where the players are getting in sync," said Kang Dong-hoon, predicting thorough preparation. The team is also determined to show a good performance with the determination to prepare for the game.

This spring has begun, but every team is in a different place. Some teams are trying different tactics, while others are taking the long view. For KT, Kang Dong-hoon said the team is at a stage 카지노 where they are getting a little closer together. "It's a stage where we're getting closer to each other and trying out different combinations, not limited combinations. At that stage, we have the task ahead of us to find out what we can do better in addition to what we can do really well."

In the interview, Kang emphasized that the team is still working hard. "All five players, including the rookies, and the coaching staff are working hard, so I think we're going to have a lot of tries and bumps in the road in the spring. I'm very grateful to the coaching staff for their support in the process," Kang concluded the interview.

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