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WKBL stars 'laugh at Kim Dan-bi's prank' in Nagoya

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W리그 올스타전에 참가한 김단비(가운데)의 모습. /사진=WKBL 제공


The stars of the WKBL (Korean Women's Basketball League) shined at the W-League All-Star Game.

The first day of the W-League All-Star Game 2023-2024 in Aichi got underway today at the Toyoda Kosei Memorial Gymnasium in Nagoya, Japan.

Six players from each of the WKBL clubs participated in the two-day event, which will run through April 4. Yongin Samsung Life Kang Yoo-rim, Incheon Shinhan Bank Lee Kyung-eun, Asan Woori Bank Kim Dan-bi, Bucheon Hana OneQ Kim Jong-kyun, Busan BNK Lee So-hee, Cheongju KBank Kang-isul, and others traveled to Japan.

According to the WKBL, they played in the W-League Legends All-Star Game on Day 1. More than 2,500 spectators were on hand for the three event games.

The six representatives of the WKBL took the court for 10 minutes in the third quarter to showcase their skills on the court alongside former and current W-League legends voted on by Japanese basketball fans and experts. Kim Dan-bi, Kang Yoo-rim, and Kim Jong-un played for the East team, while Lee Kyung-eun, Kang Isul, and Lee So-hee played for the West team at the start of the third quarter.

After Kim Dan-bi scored the first point with her signature left-handed breakthrough, Kang Yi-seul of the West team scored a three-pointer from 45 degrees on the right side, drawing applause. Kang then followed up with a fastbreak layup to help the West widen the gap. Donggun's Kang Yoo-rim also scored with a mid-to-long-range jump shot from the three-point line. Lee So-hee also hit a big three-pointer.

The crowd erupted in applause after every shot made by the 바카라사이트 six players representing the WKBL. Kim Dan-bi of Dongguk also had a hilarious scene with Maki Takada of the West, as they exchanged banter.

The six players representing the WKBL were substituted after a timeout in the middle of the third quarter, and after a short break, they returned to the court in the fourth quarter. In the W-League GREATEST25 All-Star Game, the West defeated the East 78-58.

For Seo-gun, Kang Yiul had six points, including two three-pointers, and one rebound and one assist, while Lee So-hee had three points, two rebounds, and two assists. For Donggun, Kim Dan-bi had four points, two rebounds and one steal, while Kang Yoo-rim also had two points and four rebounds with her diligence.

On Thursday, Kang Yiul, Kang Yoo-rim, and Lee Kyung-eun will compete in the 3-point shooting contest, while Kim Dan-bi, Kim Jong-un, and Lee So-hee will compete in the skill challenge.

The exchange is part of a series of women's basketball exchanges between Korea and Japan that began last year. This is the third basketball exchange between the two countries, following the WKBL Rising Stars' participation in the W-League All-Star Game in April last year and the Japanese W-League Rising Stars' participation in the WKBL All-Star Festival in January this year.

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