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The effect of music on the human

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You will be amazed and amazed by reading these 10 facts about how music affects brain function.


Do you feel good and relaxed while listening to music? Do you feel for a moment that you are free from all the problems of life? If you love listening to music, then you are one of the property jirga. New research shows that listening to music improves mental health and enhances the health of the body in a strange and amazing way. The human brain has a very complex function that in many cases even we cannot comprehend. اهنگ تی ام بکس کی کی After extensive research, researchers have discovered the profound effect of music on the function of this vital organ of the human body.


1. When you listen to music due to the release of dopamine hormone by the brain, you feel a tremor throughout your body.

In fact, the tremor occurs just at the peak of the song. Dopamine is a hormone that is secreted in your body when you feel happy and pleasure and is directly related to your excitement and excitement. آهنگ راغب رویا The research also revealed why music has played such a vital role in all human emotional occasions since creation.


2. There are very limited activities that activate all parts of the brain, and music is one of them.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) imaging, a research team recorded the brain function of a sample group listening to music. FMRI is a type of imaging that captures alternating images of the brain working and then resting and then digitally subtracts these images from each other, رضا صادقی دلخوشی the result of which shows the physiological function of the brain due to changes in blood flow. The findings suggest that listening to music activates auditory areas and utilizes large volumes of neural networks in the brain. In fact, researchers believe that listening to music can activate emotional, stimulus and creativity areas in the brain.


3. Playing music at regular intervals will change the structure of your brain.

Brain flexibility, also called neural flexibility, means the brain's ability to change at any age. This change can be for the better or for the worse the brain. As you can imagine, this flexibility plays a very important role in the development or decline of the brain, as well as in the formation of our distinctive personalities. When you are learning or playing music, the cortex level in musicians (professional, intermediate or even beginner) will be at its highest possible and at normal people will be at its lowest. اهنگ دورت بگردم ابراهیم زاده (The cortex is the gray matter that covers the surface of the brain, which is directly related to intelligence and mental abilities.)

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