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A claiming race is a race in which every horse running can be “claimed” or purchased after the race. It is a race in which all the horses in the race are for sale. Claiming races are the most common horse races at most horseracing tracks. The purpose is to make races more competitive by matching horses of equal value. All of the horses in a Claiming Race are able to be claimed at a value set against the horse by the trainer when making the entry. Horses in a claiming race may not be fully trained, or they may suffer from some temperament or form irregularity. This means that a claiming race can truly be anyone's game.

A claiming race works generally the same across all racing territories but is most popular in the United States. They are the lowest run of the horse racing hierarchy, with many untested and unwanted horses competing against in other in low-key events. There are many reasons why claiming races were created and why they remain popular, even if the standard is low. The primary reason is that it gives horse racing a trading market that injects liquidity into the sport. Claiming horses is a unique opportunity not available in any other sport.

Each claiming race has a set fee for all competing horses, which rises and falls depending on how much weight the owner decides to take off. Buyers have until around 15 minutes before a race to make a claim on a competing horse. And, once the race gets underway then the ownership transfers over. If and when a horse is claimed, the original owner remains liable for race entry fees, jockey fees, etc. but, by the same token, retains any prize money due. Once claimed, the horse immediately becomes the responsibility of the new owner. Also, after a horse is claimed, restrictions are put on the claimed horse, it may not be allowed to start in another claiming race or sold for 30 days from the claim’s date. To claim a horse, being licensed racehorse owner or an agent registered at the 온라인경마 track is a must. There are also provisions to allow horse owners registered at other tracks to make a unique application to claim a horse. If the same horse is subject to two or more claims, the successful claimant is determined by ballot. Claiming horses can be fun and profitable; take your time, learn the rules, and stay away from any horses that look too good to be true. Read more...

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