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"It's my job to bring success," says coach Postecoglou

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Enze Postecoglou has thrown his hat into the ring for the title next season.

"Postecoglou has made it clear that Tottenham Hotspur will be in contention for the title next season," Football London reported on Wednesday.

Postecoglou took over at Tottenham this season and has been successful in leading the team. Under the influence of Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, he has transformed the team's defensive tendencies into attacking football. He moved the line up and moved the fullbacks to the center of the pitch to favor the numbers game in midfield and attack. His tactics have been compared to those of Pep Guardiola.

He's still in his first year, so he's not perfect. His performances have varied depending on the lineup. Last November against Chelsea, the loss of Cristian Romero, James Maddison, and Mickey van der Vaan to injury caused a dip in form. However, since their return, they have been playing well again.

All in all, a passable performance. If they win the fight for fourth place against Aston Villa, they could return to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for the first time in two years. This could have a positive effect on the club's finances, reputation, and more.

Postecoglou's eyes now turn to the top of the English Premier League (PL). "I expect the club to be in contention for the league title next season, otherwise why am I here? I try to bring success, that's 토토 my job. If not, I don't know why I'm here," he said.

It's a strong will to win. Indeed, the team went undefeated in the league for the first three months of the season, securing first place. It's a confidence that is well-founded.

"I always say. "I always say, if fourth is the final goal, what does that mean? Why don't we aspire to more than that? I don't want to discount the possibility," he added.

Tottenham host West Ham United in the 31st round of the PL on March 3 at 4:15 am. It will be interesting to see how Spurs perform as they continue to aim higher.

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