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The secret to beautiful and happy feet

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Our feet are often subjected to severe tests: they bear the weight of our whole body, they are enclosed in shoes for most of the year, they are cold in winter, and in the summer they endure the rough sand and sun ...

To resist these "attacks", the soles of the feet are covered with thick and rough skin that is not aesthetically pleasing.

That is why we should not forget our feet when taking care of the body, moreover, that there are many nerve endings on the foot, which are connected with important organs, and foot massage has a beneficial effect on our whole body.

Daily hydration
The skin of the feet is devoid of fat cells and is therefore generally dry. This is where the need for daily hydration comes from. Massage your feet with the same toilet milk you use to massage your body, even between your toes.
There are also special foot creams that are designed to soften problem areas.

Weekly exfoliation

The removal of dead cells is a guarantee of soft and gentle touch. This rule applies even more strongly to the skin of the soles, which are in constant contact with the shoes, and the skin becomes much lighter.

It is best to remove the rough skin of the soles once a week. For heels, you can use pumice stone or cream that contains such particles.

Then apply a moisturizer and gently massage the entire foot.

Monthly comprehensive foot care
Once a month, you have to devote one hour specifically to your feet, whether you are going to a beauty salon or going home.
The first stage is the softening of the skin. Soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes, dissolving salts to soothe and soften your feet. However, you should keep in mind that this procedure is absolutely forbidden for people with varicose veins, because warm water will only make things worse.
Then use a pumice stone for the heels and a special file for gentler places.
The third stage is massage. Use toilet milk and start massaging from the steps to the calf to improve circulation.

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