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A Complete Idea about What Is Done In Fin Fan Cleaning

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What is a fin-fan?

Fin-fan is a heat exchanger that forces air over a set of coils to cool the process. It is also known as an air cooled heat exchanger.  Fin-fan heat exchangers are used where a process system generates heat which must be removed. The fin-fans are usually driven by electric motors.

A fin-fan or air cooled heat exchanger is used in many industries including natural gas processing, oil and gas industries, petrochemical industries, geothermal, oil production and refining, HVAC, and many more.

Benefits of clean fin-fans:

The problem with fin-fans begin with airborne contaminants such as oils, exhaust fumes, dust, bugs etc. These get collected on the fin-fan tubes and reduce its efficiency by blocking airflow. The contaminants form a barrier around the tubes to reduce heat transfer. For these problems the solution is the unique fin-foam process which works through extremely delicate fin to fin clearances. It is an eco-friendly cleaning solution.

When the fin fan becomes blocked it requires more energy to keep it running efficiently. Clean fins reduce the amount of energy needed and therefore save money.

Advantages of fin foam cleaning process:

Here are some advantages of fin foam cleaning process that you should consider-

  • The foaming solution is non-aggressive abrasion over the tube and fin surface without damaging the surface and fins
  • Fin foam process is affordable, convenient and safe cleaning process of fins and compress or radiator coolers
  • It is the ideal solution to remove dirt and debris from horizontal vertical coolers
  • No bent fins
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Remove more debris from all layers of tubes
  • Increases airflow of the fin fan
  • It leads to prolonged unit life through pro-active maintenance and cleaning
  • It reduces man power and health hazards
  • The process is budget friendly reducing labour cost. All costs are directly associated with the fin fan cleaning process only- that is how much debris are removed and how much time it took to do the job
  • The equipments are easy to use, and the job is performed by trained and experienced employees. They do not need to walk on top of the cooler surface to clean it- the specialised nozzles and equipments are capable enough to clean each part of the fin-fan.


To meet your needs you should look out for the best services as the process is quite safe and effective.

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