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Bartitsu is an English martial arts style, was a real martial art that was used as a genuine form of self defense. Bartitsu was often referred to as the gentleman’s art. The art was originally created by the Englishman William Barton-Wright during the 19th century who named the art after himself. Combines styles such as English bare knuckle boxing, Savate, Vigny cane fighting and Japanese jujutsu. Boxing has always been popular in England and canes and umbrellas were commonly used objects at the time, especially in the capital of London. This is why Barton-Wright put these arts together to make his own creation.

Barton-Wright publicised his new martial art through newspaper articles and exhibitions, and in 1899 he established the Bartitsu Club in Soho, enlisting the help of contemporary self-defence masters. The club was organised on the model of the Victorian sporting club. The Bartitsu Club was among the first schools of its type in Europe to offer classes in women's self-defence, a practice taken up after the Club's demise by students of Yukio Tani and Sadakazu Uyenishi including Edith Margaret Garrud and Emily Watts. But, the club fell apart, by mid-1902 the Bartitsu Club was no longer active as a martial arts school. The last recorded activities of the Bartitsu Club as an entity involved a series of touring exhibitions and contests.

The primary principles of Bartitsu, as described by Barton are: to disturb the equilibrium of one's assailant, to surprise him before he has time to regain his balance and use his strength and if necessary to subject the joints of any parts of his body, whether neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, knee, ankle, etc. Training begins with a series of quick warm ups to loosen the body. Usually an instructor gives a brief demonstration, on a pretend assailant, on how a particular technique works to surprise and puts an opponent off balance by using the body’s control points. Instructors teach Bartitsu techniques so that students can learn self-defense. Bartitsu 토토 is an open source martial art. Anyone with some experience in other arts can begin training. Robust training and testing of your techniques against an actively resisting training partner are essential to developing skill in the art. Read more...

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