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The most important reasons for the slowness of websites

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Site loading speed plays an important role in increasing site traffic
The most important thing about user access to the site is to maintain its loading speed. In today's tech-savvy world, where cyberspace is full of competition, no one has the opportunity to pay for a particular site, and if the site is slow, customers will most likely not be bored waiting for your site to open. or think the site has a problem that is slow and close quickly. Here are some tips to help you get started:

The most important reasons for the slowness of the sites are:
1- Excess in coding
Using too much code complicates web pages and slows down page loading speeds. For this reason, it is essential to shorten the code and maintain a simple structure. This will load the page faster and ultimately increase site traffic.
This is one of the most important reasons why you should pay attention to the expertise and experience of programmers and web design companies when hiring a programmer or outsourcing your site design. In programming, there are thousands of ways to write a program, but not all of them are necessarily good and optimal, and the shortness of the code and the orderliness of the coding structure play a very important role in the speed and efficiency of the site.
2- Using heavy and abundant photos
Large and heavy files are always a problem, and if you have a large number of images, the site will undoubtedly slow down. If the loading time of the site is long, users will leave your website and go to another site. Therefore, if you want your site to load quickly, it is better to limit the number and size of images used. Simply put, use web-friendly images.
Photoshop software has a section in the file section called save for web and devices, with which you can output the final image file using various settings in the desired size, volume and quality for the web and all types of devices. We recommend that you use this feature of Photoshop or similar software.
3- Using Flash
Although the use of flash creates beautiful graphic designs and animations, but on the other hand, it reduces the loading speed of the site and consumes the processing resources and memory of the user's system. This can cause user dissatisfaction and cause users to go to another website.
Important Note: Flash content is not indexed by search engines, which is not good for SEO. Therefore, it can be said that the use of flash on the web is almost obsolete. However, some companies still rely on flash-based design. Having a flash header gives the website a luxurious and beautiful look. But if Flash is used more, the website users will decrease.
4- Excessive use of video
As you know, uploading videos takes time. This time, which is the so-called buffering time, consumes the user's Internet bandwidth heavily. This can slow down the site. In addition, overuse of these videos is the enemy of the website because the more videos are used, the longer the upload time will increase and thus the download speed of the website will definitely decrease.
5- Using different versions of JQuery
CMS (Content Management Systems) usually have several applications, each of which may use JQuery. If these programs require different versions of JQuery (this happens a lot), they make the site heavy and slow.
6- Inappropriate JavaScript code
Using JavaScript requires great care. Because the poor coding of the enemy speeds up the loading of the page and makes the page heavier. So JavaScript should be used properly and to improve the performance of the site, not to reduce its performance.
7- The more glamorous the website, the longer the loading time
Although the presence of peripherals, social media keys, and dynamic images can affect the emotions of users, this does not necessarily mean that such features are able to attract the audience. Because these fantasy features are heavy and are actually a problem on the way to load the site. While users come to your site to get the information they want, they will be dissatisfied if they do not receive the information quickly.
8- Using incorrect photo format
Convenient and common photo formats for different browsers are png, jpeg and gif, each of which is better for one type of photo. For example, jpeg is more suitable for photos taken by cameras, and png is more suitable for icons or images that have less color and a clear background. gif is also the best format for animated photos. Using the wrong format can cause the site to load.
9- Multiple HTTP requests
In a website, everything (image, text or anything else) should fit. Excessive use of images, coding or CSS may cause problems in the process of loading the website because when the site is run in the browser, a separate request is made for each file. Putting all the elements of the site in one file or executing them at the same time can shorten the loading time.
10- Merge images using Spriting technique
One of the most important steps to reduce HTTP requests is to use the CSS Spriting technique, which puts all the images together into a single image file. The section to be displayed is then specified using CSS. Using this technique will improve the loading speed of the website compared to the case where each image is presented in a separate file.
11- Using a shared host
Although shared hosting is the most cost-effective way to host a website, it can affect the loading speed of a website, especially if it is dynamic and complex. The reason for this is that in shared hosting, server features such as data, memory, disk space, etc. are divided between the various websites on which the server is hosted.

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