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How to Choose A Lab Grown Diamond?

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Lab grown diamonds are identical in every way to earth-mined diamonds but they cost up to 40% less. What are some things to know when choosing the perfect lab grown diamond? There are a few major factors to take into consideration when shopping for lab created diamonds. Keep reading to learn more and begin your search today!

1. Choose the Right Company for You!

Lab grown diamonds have been increasing in popularity, and many diamond companies have begun to start producing and selling their own. Now that you have options, consider some of these points when deciding where to purchase your grown diamonds from.

2. Understand and Remember the 4 Cs

The 4 Cs when shopping for diamonds is: carat, cut, clarity and color. These determine the look of each individual diamond, and are important factors to understand when shopping for your perfect lab diamond.

3. Make Sure You Receive Grading Reports

An important item you should make sure you receive with your purchase, are lab grown diamond grading reports. All Madonna lab created diamonds will automatically come with a complimentary diamond grading report from either the IGI or GCal, who also grade earth-mined diamonds in the exact same way. Every lab grown diamond will be graded on its 4C's (color, cut, clarity, and color). The report will identify your lab created diamond as laboratory grown and will show all measurements, proportions, finish and identifications of the diamond graded. These grading reports independently verify the technologies being used, as well as the quality of the lab-grown diamond you are receiving.

4. Consider Your Personal Values and Ethics

Not all lab grown diamond companies are created equally, dive into research into how authentic the company is or if they're just trying to capitalize on the popularity of lab grown diamonds. You'll want to reflect on not only the jewelry itself, but how you want to feel when you look at it every day.

Choose A Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamonds offer the same sparkle and brilliance as natural diamonds. Check Ritani collection of over 80,000 high-quality lab-created diamonds.

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