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How to Choose the Right Fundraising Consultant?

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When you’ve tried everything you know to raise money and it’s just not working, or you find yourself a little lost and not knowing what to do next, it might be time to bring in a fundraising consultant.


If you’re like most people running a nonprofit, you got into this to make a difference. Not to raise money. You probably didn’t go to school to learn how to be a fundraiser. Even if you did, what you learned in class and what the real world throws at you are probably very different.


Of course, you’re already extremely busy juggling things like your programs and services. Who has time for fundraising too??


Obviously, this is the one activity you MUST do to support everything else, though. It’s vital. If you’re feeling overwhelmed just reading this, well, you’re not alone. Overwhelm is common among nonprofit founders and directors.


Fundraising requires a good deal of expertise and experience you just can’t get from a book. Plus, there are always new fundraising tools and strategies to keep up with and test out.


A good fundraising consultant has the knowledge, skills, experience, and strategies you need to help you with your biggest fundraising challenges. They have been there and done that, both for themselves and other clients, and can bring the benefit of that wisdom to your situation.


Choosing the right consultant can mean reaching your funding goals and expanding your capacity to raise money. Choosing the wrong one is a waste of your time and money.


With so many people out there calling themselves a fundraising consultant, how do you choose the one who’s right for you? SpectUp bring the full range of critical early-stage disciplines for your disruptive startup to rapidly get investor-ready.

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