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Doosan's An Bang-ma, who hit the game-winning hit for LG Electronics, praises his teammates

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Doosan Bears slugger Yang-ji Yang hit the game-winning hit in the Jamsil Rivalry Game.

Yang started as the No. 3 designated hitter against LG at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Wednesday. He didn't wear a catcher's mask on this day, focusing solely on batting as he worked on his fitness.

Yang went 1-for-3 with one hit, one walk, and two RBIs in the win. He was thrown out at first base on a fielder's choice in the first inning, but came around to hit a two-run single in the decisive third inning to tie the game at 1-1. In the fifth inning, he reached on a fielder's choice. In the eighth, he drew a walk with one out.

After the game, Yang praised his teammates, saying, "I think we did a great job today with Yu-sung and the other pitchers and with Ki-hyun, so we were able to get a really valuable win."

"In the first at-bat, I was a little late to the fastball, so I just saw a one-ball and turned it around, and it was a lucky hit on the course. The pitchers behind me did a good job and we were able to win the game," he said.

Doosan lost to LG 5 games to 11 last year. This year, they have taken a 3-1 lead against LG. Yang also has a good individual performance against LG. In a three-game series against LG in April, he 메이저사이트 batted 3-for-12 with four doubles and three RBIs. With his 3-for-1 day and two RBI, he is now 3-for-15 (5-for-6) with six RBI in four games against LG Electronics.

Yang said, "I didn't do well last year, so I'm focusing on doing better this year, but I don't know. "I don't think it's a specific team, I think it's different from year to year. Sometimes I'm in good shape and sometimes I'm not, so I think the results came out accordingly," she said about the Jamsil rivalry.

Yang played in 16 games for LG Electronics last year, batting just 2-for-5 (13-for-52) with one home run and four RBIs.

"He's doing so well right now that I have nothing but praise for him," said Kim Ki-yeon, who started at catcher. "I was able to focus on hitting a little more comfortably, and I think I'll have a higher percentage of designated hitters. Ki-hyun is doing so well, he's hitting the ball well, and he's leading off a lot, so I'm really happy for him," he said with a smile.

Winning the first game of the Children's Day Derby Yang Ji said, "It's still early in the season, so I don't think it's because LG is a special team that did this, but I think we need to play a game that we can go well without any injuries. Every game, no matter which team it is, we have to do our best. Only then will the result be good at the end of the day."

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