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How to add Cronos to MetaMask - Most Effective

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Through online platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge and mobile devices using IOS or Android operating systems, users can easily download the Metamask application. The following article will show you how to easily and safely add Cronos to Metamask on the Chrome web browser platform through the following steps. Let us answer the question "How to add Cronos to MetaMask."  Here are the suggested steps to help you refer through the article:

Step 1: Create your Metamask wallet.

Follow the sequence to be able to open the Metamask wallet in step 1 to be able to successfully open the wallet:


  • Click on the “” link.  
  • Click on the download to add-on,and click on “Install Metamask For Chrome”.  
  • Add the Metamask wallet to your Chrome web browser and instantly set up your wallet there. 
  • Access your Metamask wallet on the online platform. 

After successfully logging in to Metamask, your browser will see the following screen:


This is the default user interface after successful installation of MetaMask. Don't forget to keep your password in a safe place so that, in case you forget it, you can get instant access to your wallet.

Note: Do not share your password with anyone in any way.

Step 2: Quickly connect MetaMask to Cronos:

After setting up the MetaMask wallet in the above step, MetaMask will now be set to use the Ethereum blockchain as the default after login. Follow the steps below and we'll show you how to use Cronos on MetaMask. 


  • Select "Ethereum Mainnet" in the top left menu bar of the MetaMask interface, then select "Add Network." You can see to the detail  illustration below.

You can completely add Blockchain from the web settings. The first time you use MetaMask, you will manually add the Cronos Mainnet Beta. We only need to convert from Cronos to other blocks for the following uses:

Cronos Mainnet Beta Information:

When logging in to the network information, please enter the "Cronos Mainnet Beta" required information. Congratulations!I hope You have successfully connected Cronos to MetaMask effectively. 

Step 3: Change between blockchains on MetaMask:

After successfully integrating Cronos with MetaMask through the steps above, in step 3, I will show you how to effectively add Cronos to MetaMask, which is the ability to switch between blockchains on MetaMask. In case you want to connect other blockchains, quickly click on "Cronos Mainnet Beta," as the picture suggests below. It will help you connect with and choose other blockchains.

Through the 3 basic steps mentioned above, the question "How to add Cronos to MetaMask" has most effectively found its answer. I hope this is useful information that can help you.







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