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A List of Essay Topics on American History for You!

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A List of Essay Topics on American History for You!

  • A Media Analysis: A History and Examination of Reality TV

In this essay an  essay writer will examine the nature of reality TV, and how it presents itself as a force in modern American television. By understanding the history of this television genre, we can see how reality TV developed, and how it may not represent 'reality' in the truest sense of the word. By showing weaknesses in pre-show production, we can understand the limitations of reality in reality TV.

  • A Modern Appearance of the Amish Rumspringa

This paper is meant to highlight the basic beliefs of Amish society in North America. Of course, because of the essay's brevity, the discussion will be brief. Specifically the paper will examine the tradition of rumspringa and demonstrate its importance in Amish society. Finally, the discussion will close by mentioning a recent Western attempt to commercialize the rumspringa with a new reality television program.

  • A Narrative of the Vietnam War.

This paper is a creative writing assignment that investigates an incident that changes a man when he is faced with an event from the Vietnam War.

  • New Nation.

This paper discusses the ideological conflict between Federalists and Jeffersonians. Mention is made of the differences in how both parties interpreted the Constitution. 

  • A Poetical Analysis of Individualism in The Road Not Taken and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

This paper will seek to understand the nature of American individuality through Nature as portrayed in The Road Less Taken and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. By analyzing Frost's natural symbolism within these poems, we can see the fierce sense of individuality that he exudes in his appeal for a greater understanding of Nature and the liberty that it offers.

This paper will analyze the doomed relationship between Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and the notorious Aaron Burr. By researching the events that would lead to Burr's exile by the murder of Hamilton, we can see how passion to an extreme caused the egomaniacal Burr to seek his own lust for power in the Burr Conspiracy. By planning to annex the Lousisiana Territory and what is now Mexico for his own government, we can see how he was destined to fall to the greater and more rational powers in the United States government.

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