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Christmas Gifts Made With A Laser Cutter

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It can be the most wonderful time of year, but finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be a real chore - especially if it means you have to go to the store, or you can't find what you want online Things to ask for. But as the age-old advice goes, when you give a gift, it’s the thought that counts, and when you combine that with the challenge of finding a great gift, it’s no wonder so many creative people Both tend to make Christmas presents.

In this post, we're looking for ideas to inspire your laser cutter, laser engraver to make Christmas gifts. You can use the projects we link to in whole or in part, or inspire an entirely different design - whatever you do, as long as the recipient of the gift is happy, that's all that matters!

Atomstack S10 Pro Laser Engraver

The benefits of making a gift

The great thing about using a atomstack laser cutter for gift making is that you can make completely custom items as long as you have the right materials. So if you've spotted an idea for a friend, but it's just not the right color, shape, or texture, you can use your makerspace to craft an idea that works best for them.

While making gifts for friends and family may not be cheaper than buying presents in some cases, gift making can give you the opportunity to exercise your design skills if you already have filament or other materials available. Not only that, but it also gives you the opportunity to use up scraps etc if you already have enough on hand that might otherwise sit there for a long time - there are only so many ways to use up glitter acrylic sheets, or organically after all Glass frost and fluorescent lights!

If your goal is to make this Christmas the year you start giving sustainable gifts, then not only can you make sure you're making something that people love and use, you're also using natural materials like wood, cork, and ecological rubber.

Gift Ideas to Make for Kids
Every year you probably check out the most popular gifts and put off buying anything on those lists because they include loud and irritating toys that kids only love for 3.4 seconds before moving on to the next thing. When you make something for kids, they might head for noisy and annoying presents first. Still, there's a good chance that your handmade custom item with your laser cutter will be a visionary gift and one they'll miss for years to come.

Personalized Dollhouse or Garage
Sure, kids might really want the latest Barbie house, or that Hot Wheels toy they've seen on TV or reviewed on YouTube -- but wouldn't they love a toy that absolutely no one else in the world owns? Once upon a time, this type of project could be made out of wood and painted, and was a labor of love for a child. Today, these types of products are of course still created out of love for kids, but there are so many more options!

For kids who love to play tricks, this atomstack s10 pro laser-cut cabin dollhouse is great, as is this multi-storey garage -- and if the lucky recipient is an avid car fan and has access to storage space, then this laser-cut How about wall storage? Kids will love it, and as they get used to tidying up their car, so will their parents! Whether you use or design a project you create or make for the kids in your life, adding a little personal touch will make them happy and mean they'll cherish the gift long after it's received.

Christmas scene model
Being able to create their own Christmas scenes during the holidays is a great way to help kids get in the festive spirit, and they can move things around as they please – unlike in the main areas of the home! You can buy this kind of thing, but if you're an avid modeler and they're obsessed with atomstack s20 pro laser cutter, creating their own seasonal scenes means you can keep adding new pieces every year. If they really cherish it, they will likely continue to take it out year after year, even into adulthood. If you plan to add to your collection year after year, you may want to add the year each piece was made—and don't forget to keep your measurements handy so subsequent years don't look out of place.

Depending on the family's religion, you could create a nativity scene, or just a snowy town scene. There are some lovely trees in this project, and this Mandalorian manger scene with Baby Yoda might appeal to older kids. If their home doesn't have enough space to store or display lots of models, use a laser cutter to create 2D models and add magnets to the back of the models so they can sit on a magnetic board.

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