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Laser Engraved Gifts

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Laser engraving machines are able to create some beautiful items out of wood and leather that make great gifts. Here are some laser engraved gifts to spoil your friends and family.

Why is this a good idea?

Laser engraving is a process in which a laser mounted on a CNC drill burns a thin layer on the top surface of the material, changing its color to create an etched pattern or design. Laser engraver use 2D design files to guide the engraving, so various designs can be etched onto materials such as leather, wood, metal, and more.

As it happens, laser engraving is often used to make some really cool stuff, so here are some of our top laser engraved gift ideas for your friends or family!

Atomstack S20 Pro Laser Engraver

If you're already fascinated by the concept of laser burning and want to get in on the action, check out our selection of the top laser engravers.

With nearly everyone and their dog owning a smartphone these days, protecting them has become even more urgent as they become an increasingly important part of life. Here's why laser-engraved phone cases are such a great gift idea: They're almost universally useful.

Geometric Phone Cases: These natural wood phone cases etched with geometric patterns are made by Atomstack laser engraving process, which looks very modern and neat. These cases will provide excellent protection and a comfortable fit for your silicone sandwich - you just have to make sure they're the right size for your specific phone.

DIY Phone Cases: If you have a laser engraver, you can also try making your own phone cases out of softer materials like leather or MDF wood. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet, but here's a particularly cool one in the form of Instructables. The author explains how to design, cut and assemble all the parts to create a custom phone case with a geometric pattern.

Pushpins are very popular these days for decorative or advertising purposes, but what if they could also be laser engraved into wood? Wooden pins have a more natural look than regular metal pins and thus are better suited for certain causes or styles.

You may have to find a retailer to get wooden laser engraved pins, as their design and assembly department can be quite complicated, making them unsuitable for DIY production.

Tabletop games are great for wood boards and laser engraving because wood boards are more nostalgic. But don't you wish you didn't have to touch the last marker under the couch every time you play? Fortunately, we have...

Many people regularly use journals to brainstorm or organize their lives, so a custom journal can be a suitable addition to one's everyday style. Atomstack s20 pro laser-engraved journals usually have wood or leather covers because these materials are easy to engrave.

Due to the huge market for journals, you'll find these professional laser engraved journals primarily from niche sellers.

Wooden Engraved Notebooks: These notebooks are designed and crafted by wood present studio. They have a wide selection of carved wood covers with different paper colors, so there is something for you.

Leather Notebook: Leather is the perfect journal cover because it is soft and durable, and wears in a unique way over time. Tactile Craftworks is a leather crafting company founded by Sara Heck and Anna Warren. They sell different products like travel mugs, wallets and laser engraved journals.

Atomstack A5 M40

Wooden Boxes: Made by Critit, a small company that specializes in handcrafted RPG game accessories, these boxes are game-themed and perfect for organizing your playthings. Available in many different finishes, they are sure to grace your coffee table.

Wooden Settlers: If you like the popular strategy game Catan, you'll love these high-quality wooden settlers from Board Genius on Etsy. They have a simple yet robust design and are compatible with all versions.

Whether you decide to make these yourself or buy them from an outside source, your friends and family will love these rustic gifts. If you can't find the gift you're looking for and you're looking to DIY, check out some resources to speed up your laser engraving.

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