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Capoeira is an exciting and dynamic Afro-Brazilian art-form that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance. Capoeira is a dialog between players - a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning. Through the movements, music, language and dance you will learn about many aspects of Brazilian culture. As a martial art, Capoeira uses primarily kicks, elbows and knees, headbutts, sweeps and takedowns in a style that places emphasis on deception, flexibility and fluidity. As a game, the action is continuous, exciting and beautiful as both players strive to outmaneuver each other. The creativity expressed in this freestyle allows one to develop both the physical and mental aspects inherent in conflict and acts as form of developing our reactions to it. It is unique to other martial arts in its fluid movements. The infectious musical rhythm to which capoeira is practiced injects a fluidity and grace to this powerful art.

Capoeira is a very sociable sport, also will improve some strength, flexibility and stamina, thus improving overall fitness. It is a total body, mind, and emotional expression which instills a sense of pride and confidence. Music is integral to capoeira. It sets the tempo and style of game that is to be played within the roda. The music is composed of instruments and song. Capoeiristas sing about a wide variety of subjects. Some songs are about history or stories of famous capoeiristas. Capoeiristas change their playing style significantly as the songs or rhythm from the berimbau commands. In this manner, it is truly the music that drives capoeira. Music is as equally important to the game as the movements. Playing Capoeira without the music would be like playing a hockey game without the fans.

This martial art is more than a martial art. It is an 토토 art form that exercises the mind as well as the body. Capoeira encourages men to be graceful and fluid, and women to be strong, powerful and confident. In modern times, Capoeira has evolved into a unique and powerful martial art that is practiced all over the world.

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