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Xiangqi is an ancient form of chess that has been played for many centuries throughout China. Commonly known as Chinese Chess, or Elephant Chess. It is believed that both Xiangqi and classic western Chess had been developed from the original Indian game of Chanturanga. The two games are played by approximately the same rules, and except for the Cannon, every Xiangqi piece is very similar to the Chaturanga piece that occupies roughly the same position and bears a name similar or identical in meaning.

Xiangqi is a game of skill and strategy, the objective of the game is to either checkmate or stalemate opponent. The piece to checkmate is the opponent's General. The result is a fast-paced, attacking game with loads of unique tactical patterns. It is played on rectangular 9x10 board. The pieces are placed on line intersections, not on squares. The board is split by the "river" which limits some pieces, but crossing it empowers others. Each players' king and advisors reside within the nine-intersection "castles" that are located at the back and center of each play. The pieces are arranged symmetrically, note that some pieces on the Red side bear different characters than their counterparts on the Black side. They are the same pieces with the same power on each side.

Xiangqi is undeniably a popular board game even to this day. It is in the same family as Western Chess and its play involves similar levels of strategy and forethought. It is much more than just a game. The cultural and historical aspects of the game are ignored. Not only is Xiangqi popular as a game, but it is also an inseparable part of 바카라사이트 the culture of the Chinese. There is so much more and calling it a mere game would simply be doing it a great injustice.

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